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TechCru is a cutting-edge technology company that offers a wide range of consulting and services in various areas, including augmented and virtual reality, web development, search, video advertising, and IT solutions. With their expertise and experience, TechCru is well-equipped to provide next-generation solutions that can help businesses and organizations stay ahead of the curve.  Their services range from designing and developing innovative virtual and augmented reality experiences to creating dynamic web applications that are responsive, user-friendly, and visually appealing. TechCru’s solutions also include search engine optimization, video advertising, and IT consulting, which can help clients optimize their operations and enhance their online presence. Overall, TechCru’s comprehensive suite of services can help businesses harness the power of technology.        


Fantasy Sports Patents Aquired

TechCru has recently announced that they have successfully acquired the commercialization rights to three patents related to fantasy sports and augmented/virtual reality. These patents contain innovative features and protections in areas such as geo location, advertising, tokens, and player/participant collection. This acquisition positions TechCru to provide unique and enhanced fantasy sports experiences to their users through the incorporation of augmented and virtual reality technologies.  With these patents, TechCru has the potential to revolutionize the fantasy sports industry by creating engaging and immersive experiences for their users. 

Patent number: 10384130

Fantasy Sports Platform with Augmented Reality Player Acquisition

Patent number: 10384131

Fantasy Sports with Augmented Reality 

Patent number: 11123640

Fantasy Sports Platform with Augmented Relality Player Acquisition

Latest News

TechCru Inc., a Nevada Corporation, is currently offering a securities exchange qualified tier two RegA investment offering to interested investors. The purpose of this investment offering is to raise funds to support the development and growth of the company’s technology business, particularly in the areas of Augmented and Virtual Reality patents and related service businesses. This offering provides an opportunity for investors to participate in the growth potential of TechCru Inc. as it seeks to expand its presence in these dynamic and rapidly evolving sectors. By investing in this offering, investors will not only be supporting the development of cutting-edge technology, but they will also be positioning themselves to potentially benefit from the future success of TechCru Inc.

TechCru Inc. Secures Exclusive Sports Gaming Patents Through a Commercialization Partnership in Augmented and Virtual Reality – Digital Journal

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